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IT Strategy

What is IT Strategy?

An IT strategy is necessary for companies today. A component of IT capability, the strategy is a vital document that lays out your organization’s ability to create value using IT business assets and technological know-how. A business document, not a technical one, your IT strategy should be readable by any employee.

Getting started?

In most large companies, creating an IT Strategy and Roadmap is an annual ritual, and several teams and individuals allocate a significant amount of time creating pretty IT Strategy PowerPoint documents. In fact, in our experience of working with several companies in drafting IT strategy and Roadmaps, what we feel is many of the IT Strategy documents are an aspirational exercise full of highfaluting goals and strategies, most of which don’t see the light of the day.

With our assessment carried out, you can see if there any gaps between the current technology architecture and the target one, and after that you receive a roadmap that can address these gaps. The roadmap is prioritized in terms of what technology architecture is most vital for achieving the business’s vision.

Gain competitive advantage


As businesses grow IT infrastructure, software and applications are often added on an ad-hoc basis. The company can end up with a mismatch of operating systems, old infrastructure that runs slowly, and software from multiple vendors that don’t work well together. Putting in place an IT Strategy can alleviate these issues and increase efficiency in the business.


We offer a wide range of proprietary tools and services that support every element of strategy development

Identify potential bottlenecks

Once we identified who’s responsible for what, we will carry out an audit. The first benefit of an IT strategy can be to eliminate multiple pieces of software that are doing the same or a very similar job. Each piece of software may have a cost to it, but even if they are free having multiple products is inefficient.

Keep control of the money

Controlling cost is one of the main benefits of an IT strategy. A planned approach to the purchase of hardware and software is more cost-effective in the long term and allows for effective budgeting.

Keep up with change

Another reason is the speed of technological change. Planning ahead forces the business to look at technological developments in their field. Becoming early adopters of new technology can give a business a real competitive advantage.

Moderately future-oriented

Our IT strategy keeps in balance 2 elements: supporting daily operations and developing for the future (new architecture, new systems, new technologies).



A piece-by-piece implementation gives more control over a strategy and makes performance assessment easier. It also gives the possibility to see explicit weak points and introduce necessary changes with little pain.


Aligned with business

IT-business alignment ensures that apps and systems are used in a business-boosting way helping the company to get the upper hand.

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Plan, define, execute, control. Repeat.

Why US?

We are a team of seasoned Project and Product Managers specialized in Scrum, Waterfall, Design Thinking, and Lean. We have more than 2000 projects under our belt both with small and big teams. We also possess multiple certifications in PMP, Agile, Scrum, ISTQB, ITIL, and Microsoft.

We wouldn’t have been able to do it successfully without being dedicated, passionate and working hard to provide the methodology and approach that suit you best. We will manage every stage of your product’s journey and organize your tasks and projects by phases and priorities.

Our team will be there to continually track every step of the process and help your business grow even more.

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