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Your company’s success depends on the implementation of strategic initiatives. No matter which projects you are facing – simple, complex, challenging or deadline-sensitive – everything requires cross-functional cooperation. Castro & Partners’ Project Management provides you with consulting, coaching and educational tools to tackle projects efficiently, without disrupting existing workflows. Knowing your customers and competitors, identifying strengths, opportunities and developing sound business strategies all require sustainable management processes in your day-to-day operations, with priority projects requiring additional expertise, focus, discipline and resources.

Unlike traditional business consultancy firms, our Project Managers do not interrupt you workflow: they analyse the situation ‘as is’ from day one, and study the best method for the planning and execution of your key projects, strengthening your strategy with a transformational and agile ride towards success. And for the most complex projects and critical initiatives, our experts will make it easy for you to engage with the entire organisation to manage deadlines, communication, risks and changes, based on a roadmap that respects priority operations.

Our project management services are customised to your company’s needs and guarantee:

– Full compliance with your project’s objectives
– Completion on time and on budget
– Streamlined and optimised processes and resource usage
– Effective, centralised and transparent communication
– New internal capabilities to boost future processes
– Proactive risk management

Work with us and witness first-hand the best Project Management practices on the market.

Agile Project Management is applied in work environments with changing priorities and requirements. Our Project Managers can help you in your Agile transformation process by selecting the optimal tools for your business and developing, adopting, adapting or scaling all its branches – including Scrum, Lean and Kanban. Castro & Partners can help you develop an Agile transformation roadmap to achieve significant results in no time, including accelerating time-to-market (TTM), managing variable requirements and priorities, increasing team productivity and motivation, and improving the quality of your solutions with a significant reduction in project costs and risks.

Should your business need face-to-face or remote coaching services, Castro & Partners can help you with a team of high-level Agile certified experts whose experience in Project Management will provide you with all the tools you need to overcome challenges and maintain control of your projects.

Under our guidance, your teams will learn to trust Agile’s adaptive approach, developing the best tools to plan projects, deadlines, cost and risk management, communication and leadership in change-prone environments.

Our flexible coaching adapts to your working environment and helps you implement the best practice for each situation, to ensure increasing effectiveness in your business and rising satisfaction among your customers.

There is no business without suppliers. Vendor Selection methodologies must be based on strict criteria set by experience, quality, price, compliance with regulations and the specific requirements of your business. Our experts will help you select the most suitable partners for your operations to ensure the highest quality of your end products. With our Vendor Management techniques, all suppliers will always be aware of your business needs and ready to deliver in the right quantities at the right time. Castro & Partners also helps you with compliance management, to ensure that your resources are always ethical, and that all the processes are compliant with the latest regulations.

Our experts can help you create an internal Project Management Office (PMO) to guide and enhance your project management capabilities with up-to-date practices. Establishing an internal team will give you the key to create systems capable of realigning communication, prioritising and streamlining the execution of your business processes, and creating immediate impact.

The decentralisation of work teams can be intimidating: our Remote Team Management services have studied this dramatic change for a long time. Part of the solution involves the use of IT tools to make communication clear and goal-oriented across all team members, but our Remote Team Managers also aim to readapt and enhance your business culture with practices of trust, delegation, inclusion and empathy, improving onboarding, motivation and productivity. Moreover, Castro & Partners helps you manage hybrid work environments by establishing remote-first workflows and changing synchronous and asynchronous communication, preparing you to become Remote Effective.



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